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In the digital age, taking photographs is a lot easier than it used to be. But that doesn’t mean we all take better photographs. In this class, you will learn from professional photographer, Jerry Mennenga, how to dramatically improve your technique.

Making better photographs involves employing various techniques to make the image compelling. These include composition, creative lighting, and design elements. But most importantly, it’s learning to “see” the image before you press the shutter button.

In this five-week course, you’ll explore various compositional design elements, such as the rule of thirds, leading lines, the use of silhouettes, and seeing shapes and patterns. The class will discuss using available light, which affects subject matter when shooting on bright sunlit days, cloudy overcast days, in open shade and on rainy days. Another element that can alter the image is the time of day you take the picture, as well as the time of year.

The class will discuss various lens types, which range from primes, fixed zooms and variable zooms, as well as some technical details, and will touch on the advantages and limitations each has when photographing. But, as always, rules are made to be broken, and breaking some of these rules during the course of the class will be encouraged!

During the course of the class, students will shoot assignments given by the instructor, who will then discuss them at the next class meeting. These assignments will utilize techniques the instructor recently discussed allowing you to explore photographic ideas after learning about new approaches.

Instructor Jerry Mennenga worked for daily newspaper publications for over 25 years in Illinois, Texas, Louisiana, California, and Iowa. He covered a variety of photographic assignments for various publications and continues to shoot assignments for clients. And he makes photographs simply for the fun and joy of it. He creates images for a blog he writes,

MONDAYS, MARCH 23, 30, APRIL 6, 13, 20; 6 TO 8 P.M.
Location: Dr. Robert H. Kiser Bldg., A113, ACE, Entrance 1
Fee: $50 / Max: 12 / Min: 5
Lifelong Learning membership required
Course #20/FY-CPDV-2664-01

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