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When you see horses standing in a pasture or running across a field, does your heart beat a little faster? Do you long to touch them and understand them? Whether you have grown up with horses or admired them from afar, this course will help you understand them and become a part of their world.

Learning to Communicate with Horses is a non-riding horse class for adults 50 and over who have always wanted to be able to approach these magnificent creatures without fear and be accepted by them. This half-day class will teach you the proper way to interact with a horse. You will be rewarded with a silky muzzle, a warm breath and a deep feeling of serenity as you join with the spirit of a horse.

You will learn how horses communicate with each other. And you will learn how these graceful animals interact with us through activities that encourage bonding between a human and a horse. This bond is special. The peace of a horse can help the human heart to heal when there has been a loss, sad experience or traumatic incident in a person’s life. That is their gift to us.

At the end of the workshop you will have gained the confidence and knowledge that will allow you to understand and enjoy the special relationship between a person and a horse. The next step is our Silver Saddles class (see right) which will help you to see the world from a totally different perspective, from the back of a horse.

Classes are held at the STARS Riding Center just 1 1⁄2 miles north of Mike’s Saloon on Hamilton Boulevard. Please dress comfortably (close-toed shoes please) in layers and bring a sack lunch. Light refreshments and beverages will be provided.

Participants must be able to stand and walk on uneven surfaces.


Location: STARS Riding Center, 33148 K-22 (1 1⁄2 miles north of Mike’s Saloon)
Fee: $45 / Min: 4 / Max: 8
Lifelong Learning membership required
Course #19/FY-CPDV-2631-01 


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