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The Tired Brain
Presented by Dr. Frank O’Neill

Is your brain tired of being tired? Do you want to be a better student, parent, or spouse? Would you rather calmly respond to the world instead of angrily react to it? The solution could be as simple as making sleep a priority.

We know more now than ever about what happens to a tired brain. Western Iowa Tech Community College Sports Medicine Instructor, Dr. Frank O’Neill, will focus on the problems that stem from poor sleep with an eye on simple solutions. His main message is “Sleep more if you can. Sleep better if you can’t.”
Friday, March 23; NOON TO 1 P.M.

Give the Gift of Life
Presented by Gwen Hall and Kendra Bergenske

On average, 20 people die every day waiting for an organ transplant. Join us to hear the story of Gwen Hall, who received a life-saving double lung transplant on June 9, 2017 after 2 1⁄2 years on the wait list and 115 days inpatient at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Gwen will be joined by her daughter, Kendra Bergenske, Director of Arts and Sciences/Humanities at Western Iowa Tech Community College, as she shares her journey.
Friday, April 20; NOON TO 1 P.M.

Dreaming of a New Homestead: Seeking a Home in the Oregon Territory
Presented by Helen M. Lewis

Journals and letters written by emigrants who traveled the Oregon Trail have provided more than the historical details of living out of covered wagons for months on the way West. The personal accounts also express the dreams of the travelers who desired to make new homes for themselves and their families in the vast Oregon Territory.

Comparing historical documents to Westerns reveals not only the struggles of those starting new lives in the West, but also the motives which made that suffering seem a fair price for converting wilderness to home. The vivid film depictions of the westward travel and settlement, rather than reflecting Hollywood sensationalism of the West, often represent just a sample of the actual extreme conditions faced by the overland emigrants who had more than free land at stake. Men’s journals and film clips of the 1843 Oregon Emigrating Company reinforce the reasons for the risky journey, while also establishing the criteria for a covered wagon Western.

Join Western Iowa Tech Community College English Instructor, Helen Lewis, for this interesting presentation.
Friday, May 4; NOON TO 1 P.M.


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