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While the 1950s were fabulous, 1957 was anything but quiet! Elvis jumped from stage to movie screen to television and sent thousands of kids into orbit, as did the rest of the Rock n’ Roll craze. Dick Clark started kids dancing but not on radio. American Bandstand was in Philadelphia, but it was also in homes across the country on this new thing called television, funny little boxes popped up in living rooms everywhere! (The dial had room for 12 channels – Crazy! Next thing you’d know, they’d predict you could launch man-made satellites into orbit! That’s OUT there, daddy-o!)

TVs also brought home the news of the day, including the crowds shouting at a few scared kids stopped by policemen from entering a school in Little Rock, Arkansas. Ike saw it too, and didn’t like it. Join historian Russ Gifford to relive the sights and sounds of 1957, as the Space Age blasted off and Civil Rights exploded across the country.

Location: Advanced Sciences Bldg., Room L416/417, Entrance 11
Fee: No charge / Max: 100
Lifelong Learning membership not required
Course #18/FY-CPDV-2218-02


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