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The Education appropriations bill contains an increase of $1.5 million (an increase of about 0.75%) over the amount that had been promised last year (but cut by $500,000 two months ago).

All of the funding for the programs funded by the Skilled Worker and Job Creation fund were held at the same level as previous years.  This includes programs like the work-based intermediary network, GAP tuition assistance, ACE infrastructure, Adult Basic Education and the Workforce Training and Economic Development fund.

The session started off with an effort that would have eliminated the Kibbie Skilled Worker Job program ($5 million to community colleges), and would have cut $1.8 million for the FY 18 budget.  We were able to protect the Kibbie program, include community college designation of high demand career fields in the "last dollar scholarship" program, reduce the cut to the FY 18 budget to $500,000 and to increase funding for FY 19 by $1.5 million.  We were also able to stop bills that would have taken away local authority regarding free speech, required bond issues to be voted on only during November elections, and require high-cost programs be delivered tuition free.




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