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Last week, the Senate passed a deappropriations bill that reduces state aid for community colleges for the existing fiscal year by $1.8 million statewide.  That amounts to about $101,000 for WITCC.  Individual Senators cited this as positive news, given that their initial proposal was to cut funding by $5.4 million. However, it is $300,000 than last year – after two other mid-year cuts.

This week, the House Appropriations Committee passed a deappropriation bill that cuts community colleges by $500,000 statewide, or about $27,000 to WITCC.  While community colleges are the only locally governed entity impacted by the cuts, we believe the House proposal reflects community colleges and preparing skilled workforce as a priority.  Every day that passes means a slightly bigger impact.  We are asking the legislature to minimize or eliminate the proposed reduction.

The governor's Future Ready Iowa bill passed the Commerce Committees in both the House and Senate.  While we concur with the intent to have more Iowans achieve a post-secondary degree or credential, we also believe that solutions are best derived as locally as possible.  The governor's bill creates several new programs that are all run at the state level.  The bill also eliminates the Skilled Worker Shortage Grant (Kibbie) program.  Over 200 WITCC students use this program, the replacement of which would be run at the state level and may not fund all of the same students (and would increase the number of hours taken in order to be eligible).  

Other bills that passed the first legislative funnel include:  legislation requiring students complete 1 hour of financial literacy and to receive information on wages, employment and debt for every credit program offered by community colleges; requiring community colleges to note courses which use open online coursework in the course catalogue; and revising membership in workforce region boards.



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