Policy Promotion - Overview

Community Colleges

Iowa's community colleges meet the unique education, training, economic development and quality of life needs of the regions they serve.  Iowa community colleges provided over 8.2 million hours of education in 2013 to 340,789 credit and non-credit students.

Western Iowa Tech is meeting the unique needs of our region by:

  • Conferring 11% of construction degrees, 12.8% of health sciences degrees and 33.6% of certificates statewide.
  • Maintaining the state's second-lowest tuition and setting the second-lowest tuition increase in 2013-2014.
  • Moving our wind energy program to Cherokee and Heating/Air Conditioning to Denison.

To build on these successes, the 2015 Community College legislative priorities include:

State General Aid: Support funding state general aid at $218 million.

Workforce Training: Support continuing the State's commitment for the Iowa Job Training Program and for the workforce development, job training, adult literacy and student financial aid programs in the Iowa Skilled Worker and Job Creation Fund.

Infrastructure: Support the continuing state commitment for worker training program related infrastructure and equipment maintenance.

Career Technical Training: Support expanding K-12 concurrent enrollment career technical training.

Local Governance: Support reducing the costs of renewing long time voter supported levies and increasing the flexibility of Community College Boards to access tax support for worker training.