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Cengage Unlimited

WITCC has partnered with Cengage Unlimited to provide students with unlimited access to thousands of eBooks and additional support materials. With Cengage Unlimited, students benefit with tools like test prep, financial literacy, flashcards, career resources, and more. The best part, all costs associated with Cengage Unlimited have already been included in the WITCC Educational Resource fee.

Study tools - 22K+ online textbooks and course materials, flashcards, live online academic support, and test prep

Career readiness - Explore careers, assess your skills, build resumes and access career-readiness support, such as in-demand soft skills training

College success - Tools that help students manage their lives as students, including a College Success Center, 5-minute quick lessons, study lessons and more.

Access eBooks With Cengage Unlimited

Log onto Canvas located on MyWIT. More on logging onto Canvas.
Click on the "Cengage Unlimited link."
Log in to your Cengage account.
If you have never logged in before, follow the directions on creating your Cengage account and complete the registration process.
After logging/completing registration, you will land on your Cengage dashboard.
Add the Cengage e-book being used in this course to your dashboard.
Enter the book ISBN in the field with the magnifying glass.
Click on "Add to My Home" which will place the e-book on your dashboard.

Are you a WITCC student having troubles with your Cengage Unlimited account? It is likely you have NOT created an account yet - and we can help you!

  1. Go to MyWIT
  2. Go to My Coursework
  3. On the Dashboard go to the Exploring the Comet Universe (If you do not see it then you must accept the course invite in the upper left of their dashboard and then it will be on your dashboard)
  4. Click on Modules in the navigation menu on the left
  5. Go to the module called "Cengage" - fourth module down
  6. Click on the "Access and Register for Cengage Content" for directions to create a Cengage account
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