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Tips for Successful Online Learning

The following tips have been put together from online learners and faculty to help you become more successful with your online course.

Plan your time carefully

"The most important thing is self-discipline and time management. I review the syllabus to determine the course expectations, what research papers will be required, and the deadlines for assignments. Usually there is also a test window date range that must be met as well. I use my day planner to attempt to coordinate all these pieces into my life along with my other courses and my full-time job! This is not always easy."
"On-line courses usually will require at least as much time as normal courses. And they often require even more time, due to Internet connections, slow printers, etc. The assignments usually exceed the time I may have spend in class listening to a lecture."
"But, all in all, I have enjoyed the flexibility of the online courses. I can 'attend' my classes whenever I have the available time. These online courses have allowed me to take courses that would not have been available to me at my local center."

Expect and plan for problems when working with online networks

"Don't expect things to always run smoothly when taking a course online. There [are problems with technology] at times. So avoid doing things at the last moment."

Start early to avoid falling behind on assignments

"My advice to others is to stay on top of things when they need to be done. It is easier to have the assignment done before the due date to avoid things being late and falling behind with other assignments if the system goes down."
'Be prepared for a lot of homework. Stay on top of your requirements or you will not make it. Web class is not easy. It requires a lot of discipline. If you don't have discipline, don't take a web class."

Mark assignment due dates on a calendar

"The most useful knowledge I've complied concerning online class learning is to have a designated schedule and a calendar marked with assignment due dates."
"I believe the most important thing with online course is to stay on schedule. Self-discipline becomes very important because it is especially easy to put off the readings and assignments when actual weekly classroom attendance is not required."

Wait until the house is quiet to work on assignments

"I advise online students to wait until everyone else in the house is asleep and make sure you save everything you may need to know later in an off-line file."

Taking tests

When any student is taking an exam, they have to click on the "Save Answers" button every 7-10 minutes to keep their internet connection active. Depending on the Internet Service Provider (ISP), any window left open will be disconnected for the end users security at about 7-10 minutes. Typing or selecting answers in the exam is not recognized as activity by ISPs. Using the "Save Answers" button will make a connection to the server and avoid the disconnection or inactivity problems a student may otherwise have.

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