Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all WITCC campuses are closed to the public until May 14.
Visit www.witcc.edu/covid19 for more information.
Western Iowa Tech

Student Guide


Internet Access

Reliable internet access is an issue for many students and yet key to successful online learning. WITCC established wifi hotspots in the Sioux City, Denison, and Cherokee campus parking lots. Students can access internet from their cars by parking near these areas.

WiFi Hotspots

SIOUX CITY - Parking Lot 2 and 2B
DENISON - East campus entrance
CHEROKEE - West campus entrance

Internet Accommodations

In addition, local internet providers are making accommodations to assist during this time. (Last updated March 18, 2020.)

MyWIT Login

Online classes are accessed on MyWIT. Log on at my.witcc.edu. You will need your username and password.

New MyWIT User

Domain/user name: Enter "wit" plus your seven-digit student ID number, followed by "@witcc"

EXAMPLE: wit0123456@witcc

Default password: Your first initial capitalized, last initial lowercase, birthdate in eight-digit format followed by "witcc." (You will be required to change your password upon your first log in.)

EXAMPLE: Flmmddyyyywitcc

WIT Student ID number: 0123456 Name: Mary Kelly
Birthdate: January 15, 1950
Domain/user name: wit0123456@witcc
Default Password: Mk01151950witcc

Returning MyWIT User

Domain/user name: Enter "wit" plus your seven-digit student ID number. Enter all seven digits of your ID number including zeros.

EXAMPLE: wit0012345
Password: Your password is the same as previous semester.

Need Help?

Contact IT Help Desk
helpdesk@witcc.edu / 712.274.8733 ext. 1461

Using Canvas

All coursework will be delivered through a program called "Canvas." Many students have already used Canvas. If you have not used it previously, follow these steps.

Go to my.witcc.edu.

Enter your MyWIT user name and password to log on.

If you don't remember your user name and password, click here or contact helpdesk@witcc.edu or 712-274-8733 ext. 1461.

After logging into MyWIT, select the MyCoursework icon under Academics. This will take you to your online dashboard.

Canvas How-To Videos

Watch this short video on how online courses work.

Quizzes and Surveys
Take quizzes and surveys and view results

Comments and Peer Review
Add comments on submissions, submit a peer review, and view peer comments

Use, create, and interact with a Canvas Group

Check your grades

Submitting Assignments
Access, manage, and organize your files

For more tutorial videos click here.

Updating Canvas

Canvas has been updated with new features.

Due Dates
Course Content

Instructions on setting notifcations.

Successful Online Learning

Do These on a Daily Basis

CHECK your WIT email for communication from your instructor.
LOG-IN to your classes for updates and assignments.
COMMUNICATE questions to your instructors.

Additional Tips

Claim a Study Space
The first tip for effectively managing online classes is to find a place to claim as your own study nook. Find a place in your home or dorm room where you are comfortable but will keep you alert. Avoid doing your coursework in bed.

Manage Distractions
Get rid of all physical and digital distraction. Just have the resources you need to study nearby. Being on your computer may cause you to get easily distracted. There are some tools that might help you manage your distractions and get you through your coursework (Stay Focused, Rescue Time, Stay focused).

Stay Motivated
Do not underestimate the effort needed for online classes! Make sure you stay motivated and engaged in your online learning experience. Take online classes as seriously as face-to-face classes.

Communicate with your Instructor
Having good communication with your instructor is important. If you are confused or have suggestions, send them a polite email and be patient when waiting for a response.

Time Management
Set time aside in your schedule for each class. The freedom that comes with online classes can trip people up. It is crucial to manage your time. One way to help with this is to make a list of assignments and keep track of due dates and progress.

Expect Technical Problems
Technology is great - when it's working. Avoid stress associated with slow internet access, dead computers, and networks going down by planning a little extra time for assignments and classes in case there is a network problem.


Accounting Colleen Clifford 402-370-5002 colleen.clifford@witcc.edu
Administrative Office Management Colleen Clifford 402-370-5002 colleen.clifford@witcc.edu
Agriculture Agatha Ampaire 605-368-1362 agatha.ampaire@witcc.edu
Arts and Sciences Susan Grau 712-481-9123 susan.grau@witcc.edu
Audio Engineering Jennifer Conley 402-302-1301 jennifer.conley@witcc.edu
Auto Collision Repair Technology Jennifer Conley 402-302-1301 jennifer.conley@witcc.edu
Automotive Technology Jennifer Conley 402-302-1301 jennifer.conley@witcc.edu
Band Instrument Repair Fran DeJong 605-368-1613 fran.dejong@witcc.edu
Broadcasting & Multimedia Journalism Jennifer Conley 402-302-1301 jennifer.conley@witcc.edu
Business Management Colleen Clifford 402-370-5002 colleen.clifford@witcc.edu
Coaching Nancy McMahon 712-274-8733 x1331 nancy.mcmahon@witcc.edu
Construction Agatha Ampaire 605-368-1362 agatha.ampaire@witcc.edu
Culinary Arts Jennifer Conley 402-302-1301 jennifer.conley@witcc.edu
Cyber Security & Digital Crime Colleen Clifford 402-370-5002 colleen.clifford@witcc.edu
Dental Assisting Pamela Ives 712-581-0103 pamela.ives@witcc.edu
Digital Marketing Jennifer Conley 402-302-1301 jennifer.conley@witcc.edu
Early Childhood Education Nancy McMahon 712-274-8733 x1331 nancy.mcmahon@witcc.edu
Electrician Agatha Ampaire 605-368-1362 agatha.ampaire@witcc.edu
Entreprenuership Colleen Clifford 402-370-5002 colleen.clifford@witcc.edu
Financial Services Colleen Clifford 402-370-5002 colleen.clifford@witcc.edu
Fire Fighter Nancy McMahon 712-274-8733 x1331 nancy.mcmahon@witcc.edu
General Studies Susan Grau 712-481-9123 susan.grau@witcc.edu
Graphic Design Jennifer Conley 402-302-1301 jennifer.conley@witcc.edu
Hospitality Management Jennifer Conley 402-302-1301 jennifer.conley@witcc.edu
Human Resources Colleen Clifford 402-370-5002 colleen.clifford@witcc.edu
HVAC Agatha Ampaire 605-368-1362 agatha.ampaire@witcc.edu
Manufacturing Jennifer Conley 402-302-1301 jennifer.conley@witcc.edu
Marketplace Design-DIP Jennifer Conley 402-302-1301 jennifer.conley@witcc.edu
Mechanical Engineering Technology Jennifer Conley 402-302-1301 jennifer.conley@witcc.edu
Medical Administrative Assistant Fran DeJong 605-368-1613 fran.dejong@witcc.edu
Medical Assistant Fran DeJong 605-368-1613 fran.dejong@witcc.edu
Medical Coding Fran DeJong 605-368-1613 fran.dejong@witcc.edu
Medical Scribe Fran DeJong 605-368-1613 fran.dejong@witcc.edu
Medical Secretary Fran DeJong 605-368-1613 fran.dejong@witcc.edu
Medical Transcriptionist Fran DeJong 605-368-1613 fran.dejong@witcc.edu
Medication Aide Pamela Ives 712-581-0103 pamela.ives@witcc.edu
Mobile Game and Application Developer Jennifer Conley 402-302-1301 jennifer.conley@witcc.edu
Networking Administration & Security Colleen Clifford 402-370-5002 colleen.clifford@witcc.edu
Nursing Pamela Ives 712-581-0103 pamela.ives@witcc.edu
Paralegal Colleen Clifford 402-370-5002 colleen.clifford@witcc.edu
Paramedic/EMS/EMT Fran DeJong 605-368-1613 fran.dejong@witcc.edu
Pharmacy Technician Fran DeJong 605-368-1613 fran.dejong@witcc.edu
Photography Jennifer Conley 402-302-1301 jennifer.conley@witcc.edu
Physical Therapist Assistant Fran DeJong 605-368-1613 fran.dejong@witcc.edu
Plumbing Agatha Ampaire 605-368-1362 agatha.ampaire@witcc.edu
Police Science Nancy McMahon 712-274-8733 x1331 nancy.mcmahon@witcc.edu
Robotics and Automation Jennifer Conley 402-302-1301 jennifer.conley@witcc.edu
Sports Medicine Fran DeJong 605-368-1613 fran.dejong@witcc.edu
Surgical Technology Fran DeJong 605-368-1613 fran.dejong@witcc.edu
Technical Business Management Colleen Clifford 402-370-5002 colleen.clifford@witcc.edu
Technical Studies Lora VanderZwaag 712-274-8733 x1353 lora.vanderzwaag@witcc.edu
Transfer Programs Susan Grau 712-481-9123 susan.grau@witcc.edu
Veterinary Assistant Agatha Ampaire 605-368-1362 agatha.ampaire@witcc.edu
Video and Media Production Jennifer Conley 402-302-1301 jennifer.conley@witcc.edu
Video Game Design Jennifer Conley 402-302-1301 jennifer.conley@witcc.edu
Welding Agatha Ampaire 605-368-1362 agatha.ampaire@witcc.edu

Zoom Meetings

Many of these services will be available via Zoom. To set up a Zoom meeting, contact the person you need reach. They will send you an email with a link to the session. It will be similar to this:

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 154 058 933

Click on the link and it will download a quick file (only takes a few seconds) to give you access to zoom. The first time you may need to click "allow" for it to download. Then it will open your zoom session with the coach.
Still Have Questions?
Email covid19@witcc.edu.
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