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The Corporate College of Western Iowa Tech offers a variety of courses designed to fit the needs of today's technicians and tradesmen. These courses can be as short as two hours and as long 40 hours or more with one main similarity between all classes, a practical hands on approach to learning. So whether you are interested in upskilling your technical career, filling the gaps in your understanding of topics such as lubrication or bearings, or you are just simply interested in gaining new valuable knowledge and know-how, check out our course listings here at the Corporate College of Western Iowa Tech.

Customized Training for your Workforce

Corporate College can meet your needs in a way that works for you. We can build customized training on practically any subject - from basic electrical to industrial transmitters or mechanical drive systems to laser shaft alignment. Whether it's on one of our campuses, online, at your location and self-paced, or instructor led, we will do our best to accommodate the time and place that works for you and your business.

Course Contacts

Chris Sewalson

Jacob Bennett

Corey Adair

Call 712.274.6418 or 800.352.4649 ext. 6418 to speak with one of our friendly staff.

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Class ID
CMNT-9018-03 (Bennett)
Soldworks Fundamentals
MTWTH at 08:00AM - 05:00PM
Sioux City Corporate College
This class covers the fundamental topics of Solidworks. Students study 3D Modeling, Boss Features, 3D Assemblies, Working Drawings and All Associated Terminology. Every student creates several drawings that are incorporated into a final assembly drawing.
CMNT-1101-02 (Bennett)
Steam Plant II
MW at 06:00PM - 09:00PM
Sioux City Applied Technology
This course builds on what was learned in Steam Plant I. This course concentrates on high pressure boilers, capacities, operating efficiencies, boiler controls, water treatment and associated support equipment required for proper boiler operations. This course is offered through the use of a combination of classroom study reinforced by various hands on exercises. Scientific calculator is required.