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Solidworks Fundamentals Outline

After completing this Solidworks course, students will be able to:

  • Navigate Solidworks design menus.
  • Create sketches on reference planes and surfaces.
  • Design, Edit, and Change sketches and solid models.
  • Create technical and assembly drawings.
  • Generate title block information and BOMs.
  • Plot and publish drawings to various paper sizes.

Content Outline

  • Program Layout
    • Graphics Window
    • Menu and Status Bar
    • Heads-up View ToolbarOrigin, Drawing Units, Tool Menus
  • Mouse/Keyboard Functions
    • Shortcuts and Hotkeys
    • Rotating, Panning, and Zooming
  • 2D Sketching
    • Sketch Views and Hotkeys
    • Geometric Relations and Parametric Equations
    • Offset, Mirror, Fillet, Chamfer, Pattern
    • Trim, Extend, Circles, Arcs
  • 3D Features
    • Extruding, Cutting, Lofting, Sweeping
    • Shelling, Fillets, and Chamfers
    • 3D Commands
  • Assembly
    • Insert Components, Toolbox, Relations
    • Degrees of Freedom, Mating, Bottom-Up Design
  • Technical Drawings
    • Thread and Balloon Callouts, Counter Bore/Sink/Drill Symbols
    • Title Blocks, Tolerances, General and Local Notes
    • Drafting and Dimensioning Standards
    • Bill of Materials
    • Finalizing and Plotting

Required Text

Solidworks 2019 Basic Tools (Provided by WITCC)

Course Materials

  • Training rooms located at WITCC
  • Notepads and writing materials - Provided