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Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training (260E)

Growing is a way of life in Iowa! In addition to growing crops, the state helps businesses grow by encouraging companies to hire new employees by allowing a withholding tax credit which can be used for training purposes associated with hiring. Through a partnership with Western Iowa Tech Community College, you can invest your business tax dollars to grow your bottom line with an increased, bettertrained workforce.

Iowa Jobs Training Program (260F)

Gain a competitive edge within your industry by providing your current employees with the training to maximize their skills and productivity! Western Iowa Tech Community College invests in businesses by providing resources through a state grant/forgivable loan program that offsets the cost of continuing training or retraining of your current Iowa workforce!

Accelerated Career Education (260G)

Building your workforce for tomorrow and beyond! The state Accelerated Career Education (ACE) program allows businesses to partner with Western Iowa Tech Community College by offering tax benefits and job credits to build new programs or expand current programs to develop the skills and create a larger pool of skilled workers for your future business needs.

Contact Us to Learn More

Economic Development services at Western Iowa Tech Community College exist to work with your company to secure state funding to grow your business in Siouxland! If you have questions about company eligibility for these funding resources or would like more information about these programs, please contact Western Iowa Tech's Economic Development services staff today! We're here to help your business get going!

For more information, contact:
Sam Pribil
Economic Development Coordinator
712.274.8733 ext. 2884

Carmen Wilson
Division Chair - Corporate Training and Consulting
712.274.8733 ext. 3237