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With a rapidly expanding computer, technological, and software presence in the manufacturing industry, Corporate College of Western Iowa Tech is ready to train and certify designers, manufacturers and engineers on cutting edge industry leading software.

Our courses utilize both a bottom-up and top-down design learning system where we take individual skills and compile them into a larger objective and vice versa. Whether you are designing a new product, simulating a static or dynamic stress analysis or creating toolpaths for CNC machining, Corporate College of Western Iowa Tech can facilitate all training requirements.

We will accommodate custom training anywhere our customers require and upon course selection you have the option to select the training location.

Our public classes are held at Western Iowa Tech and can be viewed further down the page.

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AUTOCAD 2D Fundamentals - 3 Day - 24 Hour

In this course we will cover the necessary fundamental skills for effectively using AutoCAD. This will also provide a strong foundation for advancement into 3D AutoCAD as well as various other 3D software packages. The lessons proceed in a pedagogical fashion from constructing basic shapes to making multi-view drawings, each step will build from all previous lessons.

These 2D CAD techniques give students the skills to produce any design or part with correct line types, dimensions, and drawing layouts while also choosing their drawing sequence of events.

Students will receive an AutoCAD 2D Fundamentals certificate upon course completion.

All course books and materials provided by Western Iowa Tech.

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SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals - 4 Day - 32 Hour

Solidworks Fundamentals covers a wide variety of designing parts, assemblies and technical drawings

This course is the beginning of our Solidworks learning path which exposes users to Solidworks as a whole from basic to intermediate skills with a few advanced basics. The course title implies that we are focusing on foundational concepts with regards to 3D solids and how we should think about beginning a model as well as performing the least amount of steps for completion.

Topics from 2D sketching and commands, 3D features and surfacing, and sheet metal tools. Students will explore these various topics and familiarize themselves with their general use.

Students will also receive a Solidworks Fundamentals certificate upon course completion.

All course books and materials provided by Western Iowa Tech.

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Course Contact

Jacob Bennett
712.274.8733 ext. 2776