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AutoCAD 2D Fundamentals Outline

After completing this AutoCAD course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the AutoCAD graphics layout.
  • Setup ribbon panels, toolbars, and hotkey shortcuts.
  • Create drawing templates.
  • Define drafting and dimensioning standards settings.
  • Create multi-view drawings and assemblies with BOM's.
  • Plot and publish projects to specific sheet sizes and scales

Content Outline

  • Getting Started
    • Drawing Geometry
    • Shortcuts and Hotkeys
    • Graphics Layout
    • Mouse and Keyboard Commands
  • Drawing
    • Multi-views
    • Alphabet of Lines
    • Layers and Layer Settings
    • Object Snaps and Tracking
    • Patterns, Arrays, and Mirroring
    • Offset, Join and Explode
    • Other Various Commands
  • Technical Drawings
    • Drafting Settings
    • Dimensioning Settings
    • Layout and Viewport
    • Plot, Publish, and Sheet Format Options
    • Title Blocks and Templates
    • Dimensions, Callouts and Symbols
    • BOM's, Notes and Annotations
  • Miscellaneous Functions
    • Scaling and Unit Selection
    • Quick Select and Clipboard
    • Parametric Constraints and Equations
    • Measuring Angles, Lines, and Surface Area
    • Program Options and Drawing Properties

Required Text

AutoCAD 2D Fundamentals (Provided by WITCC)

Course Materials

  • Training rooms located at WITCC/onsite
  • Notepads and writing materials - Provided