Board Policies at WITCC
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WITCC is an AA/EEO Employer

Board Policies


PDF File 101   Brief History
PDF File 102   Educational Objectives, Philosophy and Mission


PDF File 201   Statement of Guiding Principles
PDF File   201.1 Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
PDF File   201.2 Operational Principles
  202   General Organization and Operation
PDF File   202.1 Name of Merged Area Education Unit - Legal Status
PDF File   202.2 Board Members Terms of Office
PDF File   202.3 Filling Vacancies of Members and Officers
PDF File   202.4 Committees Standing and Temporary
PDF File   202.5 Membership in Local, State, Regional, and National Organizations
PDF File   202.6 Legal Counsel
PDF File   202.7 Policy Making and Planning
PDF File   202.8 Regular and Special Elections
PDF File   202.9 Emergencies
  203   Board Members
PDF File   203.1 Orientation of New Members
PDF File   203.2 Attendance at Professional Meetings
PDF File   203.3 Compensation for Expenses
PDF File   203.4 Conflict of Interest
PDF File   203.5 Gifts to Board Members
PDF File   203.6 Board Member Liability
  204   Board Officers
PDF File   204.1 President and Vice President
PDF File   204.2 Secretary-Treasurer
PDF File   204.3 Absence of Officers
  205   Board Meetings
PDF File   205.1 Regular Meetings
PDF File   205.2 Special Meetings
PDF File   205.3 Closed Sessions
PDF File   205.4 Annual Meeting
PDF File   205.6 Organization Meeting
PDF File   205.7 Notice of Board Meetings
PDF File   205.8 Agenda for Board Meetings
PDF File   205.9 Quorum
PDF File   205.10 Order of Business Regular Meetings
PDF File   205.11 Voting
PDF File   205.12 Public Participation in Board Meetings
PDF File   205.13 Minutes and Other Records
PDF File   205.14 Attendance of President and Other Staff
PDF File   205.15 Electronic Meetings


PDF File 301   Statement of Guiding Principles-Administrative
  302   President of the College
PDF File   302.1 Qualifications, Recruitment and Appointment
PDF File   302.2 Contract, Contract Terms, and Contract Nonrenewal
PDF File   302.3 Duties and Responsibilities
PDF File   302.4 Evaluation
PDF File   302.5 Professional Development
PDF File   302.6 Civic Activities
PDF File   302.7 Consulting/Outside Employment
  303   Administrative Operation
PDF File   303.1 Lines of Responsibility
PDF File   303.2 Administrative Positions (President's Cabinet)
PDF File   303.3 Administrator Qualifications, Recruitment, Appointment
PDF File   303.4 Administrator Contractor and Contract Nonrenewal
PDF File   303.5 Administrator Salary and Other Compensation
PDF File   303.6 Administrator Duties
PDF File   303.7 Administrator Evaluation
PDF File   303.8 Administrator Professional Development
PDF File   303.9 Administrator Civic Activities
PDF File   303.10 Administrator Consulting/Outside Employment
  304   Policy Implementation
PDF File   304.1 Development and Enforcement of Administrative Procedures
PDF File   304.2 Monitoring of Administrative Procedures
PDF File 305   Adminstrator Code of Ethics
PDF File 306   Succession of Authority to the President
PDF File 307   Communication Channels


  400   All Personnel
PDF File   400.1 Statement of Guiding Principles
PDF File   400.2 Equal Opportunity Employment/Affirmative Action
PDF File   400.3 Expense Reimbursement
PDF File   400.4 Suspension
PDF File   400.5a Voluntary Early Retirement
PDF File   400.5c Voluntary Early Retirement
PDF File   400.6 Annuities
PDF File   400.7 Meetings and Conferences
PDF File   400.8 Physical Exam
PDF File   400.9 Staff Development and Improvement
PDF File   400.10 Harassment
PDF File   400.11 Grievance Procedure
PDF File   400.12 Compensation Statement
PDF File   400.13 Pay Periods
PDF File   400.14 Payroll Requirements
PDF File   400.15 Voluntary Payroll Deductions and/or Reductions
PDF File   400.16 Insurance
PDF File   400.17 Recruitment and Selection
PDF File   400.18 Licensure
PDF File   400.19 Assignment and Transfer
PDF File   400.20 Absences
PDF File   400.21 Sick Leave
PDF File   400.23 Bereavement Leave
PDF File   400.24 Fair Labor Standards Act
PDF File   400.25 Leave of Absence
PDF File   400.26 Jury Duty Leave
PDF File   400.27 Military Leave
PDF File   400.28 Reduction in Force
PDF File   400.29 Enrollment in WITCC Courses
PDF File   400.30 Gifts to Employees
PDF File   400.31 Substance-Free Workplace
PDF File   400.32 Retirement Plans
PDF File   400.33 Emeritus Faculty and Staff
PDF File   400.34 Communicable Diseases and Life-Threatening Illnesses
PDF File   400.35 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
PDF File   400.36 Employee Conflict of Interest
PDF File   400.37 Nepotism
PDF File   400.38 Employee Records
PDF File   400.39 Recognition for Service of Employees
PDF File   400.40 Political Activity
PDF File   400.41 Release of Credit Information
PDF File   400.42 Child Abuse Reporting
PDF File   400.43 Abuse of Children by College Employees
PDF File   400.44 Employment Outside WITCC
PDF File   400.45 Employee Injury on the Job
PDF File   400.46 Hazardous Chemical Disclosure
PDF File   400.47 Political Leave
PDF File   400.48 Computer Conduct
PDF File   400.49 Code of Ethics
  401   Administrative Personnel
PDF File   401.2 Salary Policies
PDF File   401.3 Contracts
PDF File   401.4 Continuing and Probationary Contracts
PDF File   401.6 Discharge/Dismissal
PDF File   401.7 Resignations
PDF File   401.8 Evaluation
PDF File   401.10 Hours of Employment
PDF File   401.12 Definition of Employment Status
PDF File   401.13 Change of Employment Status
PDF File   401.14 Vacations
PDF File   401.15 Holidays
PDF File   401.16 Emergency Leave
PDF File   401.17 Personal Leave
  402   Support Staff
PDF File   402.1 Definition of Support Staff
PDF File   402.2 Definition of Employment Status
PDF File   402.3 Change of Employment Status
PDF File   402.4 Discipline and Discharge
PDF File   402.5 Evaluation
PDF File   402.6 Hours of Employment
PDF File   402.7 Salary Policies
PDF File   402.8 Vacations
PDF File   402.9 Emergency Leave
PDF File   402.10 Personal Leave
PDF File   402.11 Holidays
  403   Licensed Non-Administrative Personnel
PDF File   403.1 Definition
PDF File   403.2 Original Contracts
PDF File   403.3 Continuing Contracts
PDF File   403.4 Discharge/Dismissal
PDF File   403.5 Oral Communications Competence
PDF File   403.6 Probationary Status
  404   Sub./Half-Time/Adjunct/PT Instructional Personnel
PDF File   404.1 Definition


PDF File 501   Statement of Guiding Principles
PDF File   501.1 Nondiscrimination
  502   Student Records and Requirements
PDF File   502.1 Records
PDF File   502.2 Confidentiality of Student Records
PDF File   502.3 Attendance Requirements
PDF File   502.4 Entrance Requirements, Evidence of Age
PDF File   502.5 Unit Attendance Area
PDF File   502.6 Foreign Students
  503   Tuition
PDF File   503.1 Resident Student Definition Tuition
PDF File   503.2 Nonresident Student Eligibility Tuition
PDF File   503.3 Reciprocal Tuition Agreements
PDF File   503.4 Refunds for Persons Called to Active Military Duty
  504   Behavior and Discipline
PDF File   504.1 Acceptable Conduct
PDF File   504.2 Probation, Suspension and Dismissal
PDF File   504.3 Computer Conduct
  505   Student Activities
PDF File   505.1 Student Government
PDF File   505.2 Student Organizations
PDF File   505.3 Publications
PDF File   505.4 Social Events
PDF File   505.5 Student Presentations
PDF File   505.6 Intramural Programs
PDF File   505.7 Interscholastic Programs
PDF File   505.8 Attendance at Off Campus Events
PDF File   505.9 Honors, Awards and Scholarships
  506   Health and Safety Regulations and Procedures
PDF File   506.1 Health Certificate
PDF File   506.2 Medically Necessitated Accommodations
PDF File   506.3 Student Illness or Injury
PDF File   506.4 Use of Motor Vehicles
PDF File   506.5 Emergency Closing of Western Iowa Tech Community College
PDF File   506.6 Drug-Free College Community
PDF File   506.7 Sexual Abuse
  507   Student Affairs Related Matters
PDF File   507.1 Use of Student Records and Distribution of Student Rosters
PDF File   507.2 Student Insurance
PDF File   507.3 Management of Internal Accounts
PDF File   507.4 Gifts to Western Iowa Tech Community College from Student Groups
PDF File   507.5 Commencement
PDF File   507.6 Interviews With Students


PDF File 601   Statement of Guiding Principles
  602   General Organization
PDF File   602.1 Type of School Organization
PDF File   602.2 Academic Year
PDF File   602.3 Academic Day
  603   Curriculum
PDF File   603.1 General Studies
PDF File   603.2 Arts and Sciences
PDF File   603.3 Vocational Technical Education
PDF File   603.4 Career Education
PDF File   603.5 Contract Training
PDF File   603.6 Community & Continuing Education
PDF File   603.7 Developmental (Basic Education)
PDF File   603.8 Program of Student Activities
PDF File   603.9 Academic Freedom - Teaching Controversial Issues
PDF File   603.10 Outside Speakers
  604   Services
PDF File   604.1 Guidance and Counseling
PDF File   604.3 Special Services
  605   Class Organization
PDF File   605.1 Class Size
PDF File   605.2 Student Class Loads
  606   Evaluation
PDF File   606.1 Testing Program
PDF File   606.2 Annual Reports
  607   Student Progress Reports
PDF File   607.1 Grading System
PDF File   607.2 Grade Reports
  608   Educational Program Related Considerations
PDF File   608.1 Field Trips
PDF File   608.2 Citizen Inquiry on Curriculum and Related Matters
PDF File   608.3 Textbook and Material Selection
PDF File   608.4 Graduation Requirements
PDF File   608.5 Teacher Load


PDF File 701   Statement of Guiding Principles
  702   Budget
PDF File   702.1 Planning the Budget
PDF File   702.2 Preparation of the Budget Document
PDF File   702.3 Requirements of the Budget
PDF File   702.4 Budget Publication and Review
PDF File   702.5 Budget Adoption by the Board
PDF File   702.6 Budget as a Spending Plan
PDF File   702.7 Transfer of Funds Inactive
PDF File   702.8 Financial Accounting System
  703   Income
PDF File   703.1 Local, State, Federal
PDF File   703.2 Tuition and Fees
PDF File   703.3 Supplies and Materials
PDF File   703.4 Rental of Property and Equipment
PDF File   703.5 Sale of Bonds
PDF File   703.6 Investment
PDF File   703.7 Gifts, Grants, Etc.
PDF File   703.8 Depository of Funds
  704   Expenditures
PDF File   704.1 Purchasing Policy
PDF File   704.5 Approval and Payment for Goods and Services
PDF File   704.6 Unpaid Warrants
PDF File   704.8 Targeted Small Business Procurement
  705   Reports
PDF File   705.1 Secretary's Monthly Report
PDF File   705.2 Treasurer's Annual Report
PDF File   705.3 Annual Financial Statement Published
PDF File   705.4 Audits
  706   Insurance
PDF File   706.1 Insurance Programs
PDF File   706.2 Bond for Officers and Employees
  707   Records
PDF File   707.1 Care, Maintenance and Disposal of College Records
PDF File   707.4 Inventory
  708   Maintenance and Operation
PDF File   708.1 Maintenance Schedule
PDF File   708.2 Request for Improvements
PDF File   708.3 Emergency Repairs
PDF File   708.4 Maintenance Staff or Contract Service
PDF File   708.5 Disposition of Obsolete Equipment
  709   Construction - Building and Sites
PDF File   709.1 Selection of an Architect
PDF File   709.2 Site Specification
PDF File   709.3 Master Site Utilization Plan
PDF File   709.4 Master Plan Study
PDF File   709.5 Educational Specifications
PDF File   709.6 Financing Construction
  710   Miscellaneous
PDF File   710.1 Patents and Copyrights
PDF File   710.2 Student Loan Collection
PDF File   710.3 Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training Act Contracts
PDF File   710.4 Providing Goods or Services to Public, Students, Employees, or Guests
PDF File   710.5 Operation of a Child Care Center
PDF File   710.6 College Housing
PDF File   710.7 Credit Cards
  711   Safety
PDF File   711.1 Facilities Inspections
PDF File   711.2 Warning System and Emergency Plans
PDF File   711.3 Bomb Threats


PDF File 801   Statement of Guiding Principles
  802   Communications with the Public
PDF File   802.1 Board of Directors' Meetings
PDF File   802.2 Board-Community Relations
PDF File   802.3 News Releases, Conferences, and Interviews
  803   Citizens Advisory Committees
PDF File   803.1 Organization Dissolution
PDF File   803.2 Membership and Appointment
PDF File   803.3 Communication and Recommendations
  804   Relations Between College Personnel and the Public
PDF File   804.1 Participation in Community Life
PDF File   804.2 Gifts to Western Iowa Tech Community College Personnel
PDF File   804.3 Public Complaints About College Personnel
  805   Use of College Facilities and Equipment
PDF File   805.1 Eligible Organization
PDF File   805.2 Loan of College Equipment
PDF File   805.3 Distribution of Materials
PDF File   805.4 Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Environment
  806   Community Activities Involving Students
PDF File   806.1 Contests for Students
PDF File   806.2 Money Raising Activities at Western Iowa Tech Community College
PDF File   806.3 Use of College for Sales Promotions
  807   Education Involving Citizens
PDF File   807.1 Use of Community and Citizens and Community Resources
Western Iowa Tech Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status or any other protected basis as defined in Iowa or federal law as amended from time to time in its educational programs, activities, admission procedures or employment practices. Individuals who believe they have been discriminated against may file a complaint through the College's Grievance or Complaint Procedures. Complaint or Grievance Forms and Procedures may be obtained from the WITCC Human Resources Department, Dr. Robert H. Kiser Building, Room A242, (712) 274-6400, Ext. 1220.
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