Music (Associate of Arts Degree)
Sioux City Campus
The two-year degree program in Music at Western Iowa Tech gives students the flexibility to apply their Associate of Arts degree to pursue a bachelors degree in music performance, musical theater, music education or arts administration. Non-majors who enjoy musical performance and wish to continue their musical activity past high school are welcome in WITCCs performance ensembles, musicals, and Applied Music classes.

The award-winning WITCC choir, jazz choir, and jazz combo maintain active performance schedules on campus and in the community. Partner performances with the Sioux City Symphony, Siouxland Master Chorale, Sioux City Community Theater, Morningside College, and Briar Cliff University provide enhanced performance opportunities for WITCC students. WITCC music students also have the opportunity to travel and perform, with recent trips to Cozumel, Belize, and Greece. WITCC hosts the annual Lewis and Clark Jazz Festival, which draws jazz choirs and jazz bands from the tristate region. Students meet and study with visiting professional musicians through the WITCC Masters of the Arts Series.

Successful completion of SDV 108 is a requirement of graduation.

Search For Available Classes - First Semester
SDV 108   The College Experience   1
MUS 100   Music Appreciation   3
MUS 115   Music Theory I   2
MUS 125   Ear Training/Sight Singing   2
MUS 140   Concert Choir   1
MUS 128   Music Notation   2
*MUA/MUS   See choice of directed electives   1
ENG 105   Composition I   3
Search For Available Classes - Second Semester
MUS 116   Music Theory II   2
MUS 126   Ear Training/Sight Singing II   2
MUS 141   Concert Choir II   1
*MUA/MUS   See choice of directed electives   1
ENG 106   Composition II   3
MAT 121   College Algebra   4
DRA 101   Introduction to Theatre   3
Search For Available Classes - Third Semester
SPC 112   Public Speaking   3
SOC 110   Introduction to Sociology   3
Search For Available Classes - Fourth Semester
MUS 117   Music Theory III   2
MUS 225   Ear Training/Sight Singing III   2
MUS 142   Concert Choir III   1
*MUA/MUS   See choice of directed electives   1
MUS 202   World Music   3
CLS 212   Diversity OR
SOC 212   Diversity   3
PSY 111   Introduction to Psychology   3
Search For Available Classes - Fifth Semester
MUS 215   Music Theory IV   2
MUS 226   Ear Training/Sight Singing IV   2
MUS 240   Concert Choir IV   1
MUA 120   Applied Piano   1
*MUA/MUS   See choice of directed electives   1
PHI 105   Introduction to Ethics   3
BIO 105   Introduction to Biology   4
PHI 101   Introduction to Philosophy   3

   Program Total   69
Search For Available Classes - Sixth Semester
*Electives: MUA 101; MUA 120; MUA 124; MUA 126; MUA 143; MUA 170; MUA 180; MUS 138; MUS 150; MUS 189