Professional Photography Technician (Diploma)
Sioux City Campus
The Professional Photography diploma introduces students to the photography profession and provides the basic skills needed to photograph and operate cameras and other photography equipment and software. Composition, lighting, color and design usage and application are explored both on location and in a studio setting. Course content and skills are applicable to a career in commercial photography and for individuals wishing to pursue a baccalaureate degree.

Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment in positions such as:
" Commercial Photographer
" Digital Photographer
" Photo Lab Technician

Search For Available Classes - First Semester
SDV 108   The College Experience   1
GRA 100   Mac OS   1
ART 184   Photography   3
PHT 135   Digital Fundamentals   3
PHT 104   Introduction to Lighting   3
PHT 107   Digital Darkroom   2
SPC 122   Interpersonal Communication   3
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PHT 136   Studio Management and Operations   2
ART 185   Photography II   3
PHT 202   Basic Portraiture   3
PHT 204   Basic Commercial Photography   3
ART 101   Art Appreciation   3
PHT 947   Photography Practicum   1

   Program Total   31

Michael Northrup, BA, Ext. 1404 Room A146
Michael Rohlena, MFA, Division Chair Ext. 3217 Room A146